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Revolutionizing multi-modal and natural testing.

We are enhancing the patient and clinician experience using artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques.

The people behind our ground-breaking research.

The leaders and advisors behind the LANGaware technology allows the software to predict neurodegenerative diseases by detecting and monitoring digital biomarkers based on language and speech.


Vassiliki's scientific/research background and work experience lies in the intersection of computational linguistics, natural language processing and machine learning seen and applied for the last 10 years in the field of the early detection of neurodegenerative and psychiatric diseases.

Vassiliki has been the author of some of the first publications to present results on the cross-disciplined field of the effects of neurodegenerative diseases in patient's language and speech.

Vasiliki Rentoumi Ph.D

Founder & CEO, LANGaware


The story of LANGaware.

LANGaware was founded in 2019 in Athens Greece by Vassiliki Rentoumi. The company is a spin-off of over ten years of research with the University of Demokrtios, and remains backed by the prestigious University.  Our team of experts specializes in computational linguistics, data science, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. We have developed a proprietary, device agnostic technology that assesses cognitive health by analyzing hundreds of language biomarkers from short speech recordings.


LANGaware is able to identify subtle changes in speech and predict cognitive decline and psychiatric conditions.


Quick & Engaging

Interactive speech based app that delivers fun, engaging 3 minute tests


Language Agnostic

Beyond state-of-the-art. Speech processing is based on cutting edge AI/ML


Clinically Validated

Accuracy from two pilot studies and extensive experiments show 90%

Our Story
Happy Family

Discover your best health and healthiest.

Our non-invasive solution is simple, fast, and easy to use. We provide real-time results to the patient and clinician allowing for more effective and efficient care.

Learn the science of predicting neurodegenerative diseases.

We provide a comprehensive approach to our customers for early detection of various diseases thus empowering more timely support and treatment. We are scientists, doctors, business professionals, and technical experts. Together, we provide expertise in linguistics and neurology as well as experts in machine learning, artificial intelligence.

Writing a Book

We're committed to health equity.


LANGaware is able to identify subtle changes in speech and predict cognitive decline and psychiatric conditions.

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