LANGaware for Employee Wellness

Take a holistic approach to your employees’ wellness using Advanced AI Tools for mental health screening.

Empowering digital health companies to objectively and efficiently assess and track an individual’s cognitive and mental health conditions on a scalable basis, ensuring convenience for individuals.


Empowering organizations to pioneer employee health and well-being initiatives, resulting in cost savings from reduced absenteeism and increased productivity through early detection and enhanced employee engagement.

Enhance Access and Engagement

Accurate and less complicated

Digital disease management

Monitoring capabilities

Seamless Integration

Complement existing resources

Remote accessibility

Early Intervention and Prevention

Early detection of mental health issues

Reach people who need it most

Improve employee well-being

Reduce the Cost of Care

Decrease absenteeism rates

Increase productivity

Reduce long-term healthcare costs

Ready to Pioneer Employee Health and Wellness Initiatives?

See how LANGaware’s AI solution can help your organization provide a holistic approach to employee wellbeing