Mental Health

Depression Testing with LANGaware’s Advanced AI Solution.

Introducing LANGaware’s solution for mental and behavioral health

Our solution enables greater insight into an individual’s mental health status and is scalable to reach a larger population.

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Depression is one of the most common mental health conditions & when left untreated can create additional health issues

Welcome to LANGaware, where we’re revolutionizing depression diagnostics through cutting-edge AI tools using voice and speech biomarkers. Our mission is to provide unparalleled accuracy, speed, accessibility, & convenience in the diagnosis of depression by leveraging speech analysis and proprietary voice and speech biomarkers.


Our Vision

At LANGaware, we envision a world where early and accurate depression detection is accessible to all. Through our innovative technology, we’re reshaping the way depression is diagnosed and treated.

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The Power of Partnership

We understand that our strength lies in collaboration.

By partnering with LANGaware, you gain the power to transform depression diagnostics & provide exceptional care to those in need.

Our technology enhances diagnostic accuracy & speed, ultimately leading to improved patient outcomes.

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One Revolutionary Platform

Key Features and Benefits


AI Tools

We harness the latest AI advancements to ensure the highest level of accuracy in depression diagnostics.


Our solution is designed to identify depression in its early stages, facilitating prompt intervention and treatment.


LANGaware’s cutting- edge depression diagnostics are within reach for healthcare providers and patients alike. LANGAware can be completed in-person or remotely.

Voice and Speech

Our unique approach provides unmatched precision in identifying depression.

Through AI

We equip our partners with valuable insights, enabling informed decisions in the treatment of depression.

Ready to Transform Lives?

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