LANGaware for Payors

Accelerate your member’s diagnoses and mitigate risk with our advanced AI solution.

Empowering payors with cutting-edge solutions to accelerate diagnoses, reduce costs, enhance patient outcomes and experiences, all while mitigating risks.

Timely Detection and Intervention

Appropriate treatment plans

Continuity of care and monitoring

Timely triaging to specialists

Risk Mitigation

Targeted programs and interventions

Lower overall risks and costs

Reduce the Cost of Care

Prevent progression

Earlier diagnosis equates to less expensive treatment 

Assessment can be administered by non-clinician

Improve Member Outcomes and Satisfaction

Encourage early intervention

Reduce hospitalizations

Holistic approach

Valuable Data and Insights

Data driven assessments

Minimize patient’s biases

Track cognitive and mental health trends

Ready to Reduce the Cost of Care?

See how LANGaware is reducing the cost of care and improving member satisfaction