LANGaware for Life Sciences

Accelerate innovation and expand access to clinical trial candidates using LANGaware’s advanced AI solution.

Group 159

Supporting the advancement of healthcare improvement through screening, research, and clinical trials for drug development.


LANGaware’s scalable solution provides insights to accelerate innovations and improve lives. Our solution is ideal to support the expansion of diagnostic and research capabilities, as well as drug development.


LANGaware supports the recruitment of participants for clinical trials, comparing studies effectiveness, and providing a digital solution for a wider audience reach.

Research/Clinical Trials:

LANGaware supports executing studies via our virtual assessments:

Easy, accurate, objective, fast and less costly patient identification and recruitment for clinical trials of mental/cognitive health

Monitoring of medication compliance

Reduce the time to diagnosis and treatment

Data for comparative effectiveness

Therapeutic access to a wider audience

Trend mental/cognitive health changes over time

Ideal for decentralized clinical trials and drug development

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