LANGaware for Providers

Our innovative platform is meticulously designed to revolutionize patient care, ensuring expedited diagnoses, streamlined workflows, and ultimately, improving outcomes.

Pioneering a Proactive Path to

Mental and Cognitive Health

 LANGaware is empowering a move from reactive to proactive care, offering scalable and accurate patient screening without requiring a clinician to administer the test. With actionable data, clinicians can assess individuals in real-time and drive better patient outcomes.

Comprehensive Patient Care

Our assessments are precise and accessible, simplifying diagnosis for clinicians and patients, while seamlessly integrating with existing tools for comprehensive care and ensuring consistency in treatment plans through continuous monitoring.

Timely Detection and Intervention

Precise diagnostics enable personalized plans for prompt interventions, swiftly identifying high-risk patients and streamlining specialist referrals to save time and resources.

Reduce the Cost of Care

Early detection prevents disease progression, reducing overall care costs, while early diagnosis lowers treatment expenses, easing financial burdens on patients and healthcare systems. Non-clinician-administered assessments expand access to essential care, optimizing resource allocation.

Valuable Data and Insights

Utilize robust data analytics for informed clinical decisions and enhance patient access with virtual tools. Activate early intervention and power a holistic approach to comprehensive care.

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Primary care practices

Nursing homes

Assisted Living

Home healthcare agencies

Telehealth services

Community health centers

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Enhance Outcomes for Your Patients and Organization

Discover how LANGaware can decrease time-to-diagnosis, track patient trends, and elevate the standard of mental and cognitive care in your practice.