LANGaware for Providers

Expedite your patient’s diagnosis and monitor their condition with a convenient and clinically validated AI solution that complements the quality of care they receive.

Assisting healthcare providers in enhancing the quality of care, expediting diagnosis, optimizing workflows, reducing the cost of care, and ultimately improving patient outcomes.

Enhance your healthcare services with LANGaware’s cognitive and mental health assessments.

Comprehensive Patient Care

Accurate, accessible and less complicated

Complementary use with other screeners

Continuity of care and monitoring

Timely Detection and Intervention

Appropriate treatments plans

Timely triaging to specialists

Enhance Accuracy and Efficiency

Workflow efficiency

Appropriate triaging

Reduce the Cost of Care

Prevent progression

Earlier diagnosis equates to less expensive treatment

Assessment can be administered by non-clinician

Valuable Data and Insights

Data driven assessments

Minimize patient’s biases

Track cognitive and mental health trends

Improve Patient Outcomes and Satisfaction

Enhance access and engagement with virtual assessment

Encourage early intervention

Reduce hospitalizations

Holistic approach

Enhance Your Services. Improve Patient Outcomes. Generate more revenue.

Learn how LANGaware can help decrease time-to-diagnosis and track patient trends.