LANGaware’s Clinically Validated Technology

Robust, Patented, High-Performance Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing Models providing easily interpreted results.

Our Unique Approach

We develop a Machine Learning (ML) workflow based on multimodal biomarkers to automatically facilitate the early detection of neurodegenerative and mental health diseases, across different languages.

Our models generalize and showcase robustness across diseases, language settings and patient characteristics.

Our platform offers interpretable results on how specific language attributes contribute to the final predictions.

About Our AI

Multimodal Digital Biomarkers

Engineered from audio and hundreds of sophisticated NLP features.

Diverse Data Sources

Our models are trained and evaluated using real-world data from diverse domains, including clinics, hospitals, and elderly care facilities. We encompass multiple languages and radically different diagnoses.

High-Performance Models

Our models are rigorously evaluated, ensuring high accuracy across multiple metrics.

Interpretability Analysis

The features that contributed most to the decision of the model are distilled and grouped to interpretable categories using modern methods for AI explainability.

Ready to Transform Lives?

See how LANGaware is revolutionizing mental and cognitive health diagnostics.