The Future of Mental & Cognitive Health Screening

Detect cognitive and mental health conditions with precision through voice and speech biomarkers, ensuring swift intervention and holistic support throughout every stage of care.


The Path to Better
Brain Health
Starts with a Voice

LANGaware is a clinically validated mental and cognitive health screening tool powered by AI and patented machine learning. Analyzing language and speech patterns, LANGaware offers insights into a patient’s brain health, delivering probability results for cognitive health conditions.


Taking the assessment is as simple as recording your voice during a single task, like describing an image or explaining how you make coffee, within 2 minutes max.

How it works

<2 minute voice sample is linked to digital biomarkers indicating the probability of mental & cognitive health issues

Step 1

Simple Elicitation

Describe an image, how you make coffee, or how your holidays were, in 2 minutes max

Step 2

Upload & analyze

speech sample

Custom speech, voice & language biomarkers are identified.

Step 3

Digital biomarkers linked to diseases include

Lexical variation, speech pace, content, coherence, repetition, intonation, syntactic variation, etc.

Step 4

End result


The probability of cognitive decline and mental health issues.

LANGaware Application Results

Mental and Cognitive Diagnostics Reimagined

Simplicity Meets Versatility

Easy to use. Ready to scale.

Platform Base REST API

The LANGaware platform offers a REST API base, facilitating easy integration with third-party systems while serving as a foundational “floor” for other platforms. Its modular design ensures flexibility and scalability.

Platform Web App

LANGaware provides a ready-to-use, web-based application, offering an end-to-end solution accessible to users – no technical knowledge required.

Integrated Test Session Web App

With minimal development effort, LANGaware offers a single API call solution that is turnkey.

What sets us apart

Robust and Patented Scientific Background

LANGaware’s patented methodology ensures early detection of neurodegenerative and psychiatric diseases, securing key digital biomarkers.

Holistic Solutions


Our proprietary biomarkers assess voice and speech for cognitive and mental health conditions, offering comprehensive diagnostics.

Peer-Reviewed and Published Science

With over 40 scientific publications, LANGaware’s methodologies are validated and transparent in the scientific community.

Trusted by Notable Clinicians and Academia Alike

Primary Care, Neurologists, Psychiatrists, Virtual Care. Clinical studies including: New Ideas Study by the Alzheimer’s Association, Harvard Medical School trial on MCI, Albion study on preclinical stage of AD.

Learn More About the Science Behind LANGaware

Explore peer-reviewed publications and pioneering research supporting our technology.

See What LANGaware Can Do For You

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Reduce time-to-diagnosis and treatment with less resources and better triaging, reducing expensive treatments and hospitalizations.

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Enhance early-priority triage for high-risk patients leading to cost savings, while supporting risk adjustment measures.

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Life Sciences

Improve clinical trial participant recruitment with reduced time-to-diagnosis and treatment efficacy evaluation.

Corporate Wellness

Empower your organization to pioneer employee health and well-being initiatives, reduce absenteeism and enhance employee engagement.

Ready to Transform Brain Health?

Learn how LANGaware can help you revolutionize cognitive and mental health diagnostics