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Revolutionizing multi-modal and natural testing.

We are enhancing the patient and clinician experience using artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques.

LANGaware serves a breadth of industries.

Our product accurately identifies neurodegenerative diseases with simple, quick, and engaging tests for users. We offer app-based software.

A senior man by the swimming pool

Senior Living Organizations

Supporting Healthy Aging

Our focus for Senior Living Organizations is simply empowering care and support decisions for each resident.

About our app-based software.

Our product is language and location agnostic, real-time, fast, accurate, and requires no special equipment. Best of all we offer two ways to use our products so you get the solution that best suits your needs.


LANGaware is able to identify subtle changes in speech and predict cognitive decline and psychiatric conditions.


Quick & Engaging

Interactive speech based app that delivers fun, engaging 3 minute tests


Future Thinking

Beyond state-of-the-art. Speech processing is based on cutting edge AI/ML


Precision Accuracy

Accuracy from two pilot studies and extensive experiments show 90%

Happy Senior Couple

Accessible cognitive health monitoring.

Our non-invasive solution is simple, easy to use, and at your fingertips. We provide real-time results to the patient and clinician allowing for more effective and efficient care.

LANGaware is used throughout multiple industries in the U.S., 

Our use of language and speech can provide a window into our brain's health. When we speak, complex neural networks work together to form our thoughts and ideas. Utilizing our patented system and proprietary biomarkers.

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