Transforming Brain Health With AI Driven
Disease Detection

Harnessing the power of speech and voice biomarkers to detect cognitive and mental health diseases at their earliest stages significantly improves patient treatments and outcomes.

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Brain Health is More Crucial Than Ever

1 in 5

lives with a mental health condition in the US, with 2/3 undiagnosed

1 in 9

adults 65+ has

Alzheimer’s disease in the US, 60%+ of Dementia cases are undiagnosed


People with mental health conditions, such as depression, have up to four times higher risk of developing dementia or other neurodegenerative disorders later in life

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Pioneering a Proactive Path to Mental and Cognitive Health

LANGaware revolutionizes cognitive and mental health screening with advanced AI tools, delivering unparalleled accuracy, speed, accessibility, and convenience.

Our solution currently provides early and objective detection of Mild cognitive impairment (MCI), Alzheimer’s disease (AD) and Depression, by leveraging speech analysis and proprietary voice and speech biomarkers.

How it works

Accurate Results Delivered Within 3 Minutes

Step 1

Simple Elicitation Task


We collect an audio sample by having the patient perform a brief speaking task. Participants are asked to describe an image, or how they perform  a daily activity.

Step 2

Upload & analyze

speech sample

The audio sample is uploaded on the LANGaware platform and language, speech & voice patterns are identified based on our proprietary digital biomarkers.

Step 3

End result


A comprehensive report with 7 data points is generated, to help PCPs and specialist doctors make informed decisions around cognitive and mental health progress.

See What LANGaware Can Do For You

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Reduce time-to-diagnosis and treatment with less resources and timely referral to specialists, reducing expensive treatments and hospitalizations.

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Enhance early-priority referral to specialists for high-risk patients leading to cost savings, while supporting risk adjustment measures.

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Life Sciences

Improve clinical trial participant recruitment with reduced time-to-diagnosis and treatment efficacy evaluation.

Corporate Wellness

Empower your organization to pioneer employee health and well-being initiatives, reduce absenteeism and enhance employee engagement.

How we do

LANGaware is…


Tests take about 1 minute to complete, and results are yielded within the following 2 minutes, thus taking the whole process just over 3 minutes to finish.


Ground truth labels provided by medical experts. Higher overall accuracy: Dementia: 90% Sensitivity and 85% Specificity. Depression: 83% Sensitivity and 80% Specificity.


Efficient, unbiased, stress-free testing that's education-independent and works seamlessly in any setting, self-administer, in-person or remotely.


Reduces time-to-diagnosis for non-experts. Improves timely referral to specialists for high-risk patients. Increases health equity and medication adherence.

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