American TelePhysicians & LANGaware Unite for Early Cognitive & Mental Health Diagnosis!

American TelePhysicians and LANGaware Collaborate to Revolutionize Early Diagnosis of Cognitive and Mental Health Diseases

JACKSONVILLE, FL, September 5, 2023 – LANGaware, a groundbreaking digital assessment tool, is proud to announce its transformative partnership with American TelePhysicians, a global telemedicine company, to provide early detection of cognitive and mental health diseases. This collaboration aims to improve patient outcomes, enhance quality of life, and reduce healthcare costs by leveraging innovative telemedicine platforms and expanding access to advanced diagnostic services.

“Today marks a significant milestone in our mission to revolutionize healthcare,” said Dr. Waqas Ahmed, Founder and CEO of American TelePhysicians. “We firmly believe that all patients should have access to high-quality early diagnostic services, regardless of their location. Through our partnership with LANGaware, we can expand patients’ access to digital diagnostic services, enabling more accurate and timely diagnoses and the specialized care they require. We look forward to bringing another quality diagnostic service to patients’ doorsteps.”

Dr. Muhammad Farooq, Chief Medical Officer American TelePhysicians, elaborates, stating, “Language and speech are a window into a patient’s brain health. With LANGaware’s AI technology, we can detect cognitive decline early, enabling us to develop treatment strategies to slow the disease progression. Innovative tools like this are key to disease management.”

LANGaware, a revolutionary digital assessment tool, is transforming early cognitive and behavioral health disease detection, leading to improved patient outcomes, enhanced quality of life, and reduced healthcare costs. By harnessing the power of AI and proprietary voice and language biomarkers, LANGaware delivers unparalleled accuracy in diagnosis, minimizing the risk of misdiagnosis and unnecessary treatments. With this partnership, LANGaware aims to provide broader access to its platform, enabling faster and more efficient diagnoses for patients with cognitive and mental health concerns.

“We are thrilled to partner with American TelePhysicians to extend the reach of our digital assessment tool to more patients,” said Vassiliki Rentoumi, Founder and CEO of LANGaware. “As the healthcare delivery model continues to evolve, LANGaware can collaborate with innovative organizations like American TelePhysicians to expedite diagnoses, empowering healthcare providers to promptly identify and treat patients. This results in better patient outcomes, increased satisfaction, and significant cost savings and revenue opportunities for healthcare providers.”

The collaboration between American TelePhysicians and LANGaware represents a groundbreaking step forward in expanding access to advanced diagnostic services for patients across the United States. By combining their expertise and cutting-edge technologies, the collaboration aims to revolutionize early diagnosis, improve patient outcomes, and drive positive changes in the healthcare industry.

About LANGaware:

LANGaware is a pioneering company that leverages AI technology to revolutionize cognitive and mental health diagnostics. By utilizing speech analysis and proprietary voice and speech biomarkers, LANGaware provides early and objective detection of conditions, enabling more effective treatments, reducing healthcare burdens, and improving overall well-being. The company’s vision is to transform the healthcare industry by seamlessly integrating AI-driven diagnostic tools and empowering healthcare professionals with valuable insights for personalized care. For more information, please visit

About American TelePhysicians:

American TelePhysicians is a Jacksonville-based digital healthcare company founded in 2017 by a team of physicians and IT professionals under the leadership of Waqas Ahmed, MD FACP. With operations in the US, Asia, and Australia, the organization’s vision is to transform the global healthcare industry by creating customized healthcare ecosystems, and by bringing affordable medical services to all patients, including underserved communities. American TelePhysicians achieves this through various projects, including CURA4U, SmartClinix, and NeuroX. For more information, visit

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