LANGaware Forges Transformative Collaboration with Premier, Inc.’s PINC AI™ Applied Sciences (PAS) to Revolutionize Healthcare

LANGaware Press release

Real-world data to support early patient identification for patients with neurodegenerative and behavioral health diseases.

New York, NY, January 24th, 2024 LANGaware, an innovative leader in digital cognitive and behavioral health diagnostics, is announcing that it will partner with Premier’s (NASDAQ: PINC) PINC AI™ Applied Sciences (PAS) to leverage Real-World Data (RWD) for the development of novel therapeutics addressing neurodegenerative and behavioral health diseases.

PAS, renowned for its robust data gleaned from over 4,350 hospitals and 300,000 continuum-of-care providers nationwide, will provide expertise in conducting prospective research utilizing retrospective synthetic arms built from the PINC AI™ Healthcare Database (PHD). 

“Neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s and behavioral health conditions such as depression affect millions of people worldwide,” said Denise Juliano, Group Vice President of Life Sciences at PINC AI™ Applied Sciences. “The PAS-LANGaware partnership will enable RWD that supports early patient identification and detection – and drives evidence-based decisions by clinicians to improve quality, lower costs, reduce risk, and help ensure safety for these patients.”  

LANGaware, known for its AI-driven precision in early detection, aims to extend the availability of its platform to individuals, health systems, and life science companies. Through unique voice and language biomarkers, LANGaware’s technology reduces the likelihood of false positives and unnecessary treatments.

“We are thrilled to partner with PAS and extend the reach of our digital assessment tool to more patients, health systems, and life science companies,” said Vassiliki Rentoumi, Founder and CEO of LANGaware. “Our goal is to revolutionize early detection of cognitive and mental health diseases, supporting novel therapy development as well as earlier intervention by providers, to improve patient outcomes and drive positive changes in the healthcare industry. We are actively seeking partners that share our commitment to transforming patient care.”

The collaboration signifies a significant step forward in expanding access to advanced diagnostic services across the United States. By combining PAS’ extensive network of health systems and PINC AI’s RWD capabilities with LANGaware’s cutting-edge technology, the partnership aims to revolutionize healthcare by driving innovation in early detection and treatment.

About LANGaware

LANGaware is a pioneering company that leverages AI technology to revolutionize cognitive and mental health diagnostics. By utilizing speech analysis and proprietary voice and speech biomarkers, LANGaware provides early and objective detection of conditions, enabling more effective treatments, reducing healthcare burdens, and improving overall well-being. The company’s vision is to transform the healthcare industry by seamlessly integrating AI-driven diagnostic tools and empowering healthcare professionals with valuable insights for personalized care. For more information, please visit LANGaware’s In the News on; as well as Twitter,  LinkedIn, and LANGaware’s blog for more information about the company.

About PINC AI™ Applied Sciences (PAS)

PAS is a trusted leader in accelerating healthcare improvement through services, data, and scalable solutions, spanning the continuum of care and enabling sustainable innovation and rigorous research. These services and RWD are valuable resources for the pharmaceutical, device, and diagnostic industries, academia, federal and national healthcare agencies, as well as hospitals and health systems. Since 2000, PAS researchers have produced more than 1,000 publications which appear in 264 scholarly, peer-reviewed journals, covering a wide variety of topics, and conduct population-based analyses of drugs, devices, treatments, disease states, epidemiology, resource utilization, healthcare economics, and clinical outcomes.

About the PINC AI™ Platform

PINC AI is the technology and services platform of Premier, Inc. (NASDAQ: PINC). With more than 20 years’ worth of cost, quality, and operational data gleaned from 45 percent of U.S. hospital discharges, 2.7 billion hospital outpatient and clinic encounters, and 177 million physician office visits, the PINC AI platform provides actionable intelligence to help improve outcomes, support improved financial performance and enable success in new, alternative payment models.  PINC AI offerings and capabilities can be followed on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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